Hello Divas, I hope this post will find you well!!! I have been thinking a lot about money and how can I make money. If I were a millionaire what would I do with my life? If I had one million of Brazilian Reais what would I do?

And I realize that this wont change much of my life. I still will want to keep this blog and I would focus in really grow it, and I still will want to publish Divando aos 25 anos first as an ebook and later as an actually paper book, and I still will want to work with magazine and writing. So probably I would use part of the money to create my own magazine.

So even though with lots of money, I still will have the same dreams. This is my calling. The things that would change would be: me and my husband would afford to live a more comfortable life.

We would buy all our wish list home appliances and grocery shop. And we would be able to go out with more frequency and maybe travel to some places . Beside that I don’t really think it would change my deep desires, only would make easier or more comfortable to get where I want to get.

Money is really important, when it’s a way not the answer. So I am trying to get off the idea of having money is going to resolve all my problems, because it wont. It only could make it easier, but not done.

So Divas, of course I would be really happy if I had all this money but It wont change how I feel about my work and what I want to do with my life.

Divas, please let me know in the comments what are your thoughts about it!!!  I will be waiting for them!!!

A huge kiss to all Divas in Brazil and in the world.

Tara <3

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